Tips to Solve Numericals in Physics & Chemistry for NEET 2021

  • Jun 22,2020

Chemistry and Physics numerical are a nightmare for those who find it difficult and a piece of cake for those who can solve it.

NEET 2021 is a medical entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), where the aspirants are looking to get a seat in one of the prestigious medical colleges in India. 

According to a survey, Around 50% of the NEET candidates select PCB as their subject because they either hate maths or are unable to solve maths problems. It is a fact that Maths will never leave you wherever you go or whichever subjects you choose & Physics & Chemistry are no exception. Physics and Chemistry are full of mathematical concepts.

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Certainly, Biology has the highest weightage in the NEET Exam but, Physics and Chemistry are the ones who will decide the rank. In this blog post, we have mentioned some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while solving physics and chemistry numerical and, that will help you in boosting up your All India NEET Rank.

If you are seeking to solve the physics and chemistry numerical without understanding the core concepts, then you will face difficulties for sure. Hence, the very first thing you should do is read NCERT books for Physics and Chemistry.

The following are the golden steps with tips & tricks to solve any numerical irrespective of the topic accurately in one condition that you are aware of the topic of the question is asked from.

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Read Carefully:  Half a question gets solved when you read the question carefully. It might sound obvious, yet most of the students just read the keywords in the question and jump directly to the options and lose 4 marks plus 1 negative mark adds to their total score. Hence you should read it, understand it, analyze what is asked, and recall the concept related to the numerical.

Analyze Options: Organize the given information and see the options. Sometimes you can easily recognize with rough calculation in mind which option is correct. It also helps in eliminating the wrong options and increases the probability of the correct answer.

Decide the Method: Depending on the question, Decide your approach and start attempting the question carefully and solve it accurately. Recall the formula for physics or any equation for chemistry. If you are applying the required approach then you would be able to solve it and if not then you will find yourself struggling with the question.

Rectify Your Calculation Mistakes: If your answer is matching with any of the given options, then great! , but if not, then try to identify the calculation mistake. If you haven't found any calculation mistake, then move on to the easy questions and tackle this at last.

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Retry at Last: When you are left with some, then make sure to come back to skipped numerical again. Take a deep breath and attempt the question again. In many cases, it happens that you find the correct approach with the second attempt.

Take a Calculated Risk: Even if you are unable to solve it after trying again then you have two options. First is that if you are confused among three or all four options then never attempt that question because NEET paper has negative marking, but if you are closely confused among 2 options then you can think about choosing one else leave that numerical.

So, follow the mentioned steps for solving physics and chemistry numerical and practice NEET Mock Tests to find & improve your weak chapters. We are sure that your problem-solving skills will increase you’ll experience a dramatic change in you when it comes to solving numerical.

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Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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