NEET 2021: Proven Strategies for Physics & Chemistry

  • Jul 29,2020

If becoming a doctor is your biggest dream in life, then it is essential for you to clear NEET - the All India Medical entrance examination for getting admission into medical and dental courses.

NEET students generally love Biology but, the majority of them struggle with Physics & Chemistry. 

Proven Strategies For chemistry

Some important topics are:-

Physical: - equilibrium, thermodynamics, Electrochemistry Kinetics

Organic: Alkyl halides alcohols phenols aldehydes hydrocarbons

Inorganic; complex compound p block elements

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Physical Chemistry:-

1. Focus on the revision of important equations, formulas, and concepts

2. Solve as many numerical as possible & get your doubts cleared

3. Thoroughly analyze your weaknesses & work on them

Organic Chemistry:-

1. Note down all the reactions write them on paper & memorize them effectively

2. Learn the mechanisms of important reactions, especially those given in the NCERT

3. Study all types of questions and especially those which involve decreasing or increasing orders

inorganic chemistry:-

1. Read the NCERT chapters and revise all the concepts

2. Focus on the key questions and keep practicing them regularly

3. Prepare mock and last year question papers

4. Stick to NCERT. Do not get confused by referring to multiple books.

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Proven Strategies For Physics

The Physics section comprises of 45 questions, carrying 180 marks, being the toughest requires extensive knowledge about every topic. The important topics are Electrostatics, Mechanics, and Electronics.

Physics reference books -

*NCERT textbooks XI/XII

*MTG Objective NCERT at Your Finger Tips Physics for NEET,

*Dc Pandey-NEET (for objective questions),

*H.C Verma (objective-1 for theory and practicing conceptual objective problems).

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Important Preparation Tips:

1. Many NEET aspirants fear the subject of Physics as it involves a lot of application-based questions and heavy derivations. Focus on understanding the concepts, and practice more to become confident.

2. Read and revise all the topics of Physics from NCERT books are enough. But practicing derivations can be done from other books like VMC MODULE etc.

3. Clear out your concepts from the NCERT textbook, and revise them wisely and carefully. You can refer to more books for practicing.

4. Practice formulae based questions and get confident with them. Regular practice introduces one to varied kinds of questions and also aids in learning to implement the concepts while answering the questions.

5. While solving questions, first attempt the ones that you can solve easily, and you are confident about it. Later solve the ones that are a bit tricky & time-consuming.

6. Time-Management is an important factor when it comes to solving Physics paper. Set yourself a time-limit and try to fix your goals of solving problems in the given time frame.

7. NEET Aspirants must solve NEET mock tests online to have an idea of the actual exam day situation. 

Finally, Try to make your preparations routine-wise, having slots for each subject with adequate provisions for a break in it. Follow a healthy homemade diet and say a big NO to junk food. Get an adequate sleep for 8 hours.

Last, stay focused and don’t get distracted by smartphones or your peers. Stay away from social and entertainment media as much as possible. Remember, a dream only becomes a reality through hard work, sweat, and determination. Hence, take good care of yourself!

Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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