JEE Main 2021: Important Must-Revise Chapters & Topics

  • Aug 05,2020

With a month left, it is important to keep the momentum alive during the last and the most crucial stage of the JEE Main preparatory journey. 

To score well in JEE Main, clarity of concept and mastery with the question types is required. So revision of concepts will hold the key. Revise the chapters accordingly. One should prepare a list of concepts for every topic. Then they should mark the concepts in which they are weak.

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Sufficient time should be given to class 11 and 12 syllabi depending upon their strength or weakness assessment. Keep referring to the notes and important formulae. Attend online sessions or video lectures for clarity and doubt removal. Capture the improvements. Few topics to focus upon are:

Mathematics: From class 12 syllabus – Complex Numbers, Vectors and 3D, Properties of Triangle, Conic Section, Application of derivatives, Definite integral, Permutation and Combination, Matrices. In class 11 – Quadratic Equation, Straight Line, Circle, Logarithm, Absolute Value, and trigonometric ration and identity.

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Physics: Thermodynamics, Atomic Structure, Radioactivity are common between Physics and; Chemistry, so it will offer a double advantage. Other topics like Electrostatics, Optics, Mechanics

Chemistry: Practice by writing inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions for better memorization. Environmental chemistry, chemistry in everyday life

JEE Mock Tests

Do solve JEE Main Computer Based Mock Tests. It will help to evaluate and compare performance concerning others. Edumate Plus Mock Tests are based on NTA standards which, can help you get familiar with the online exam environment. While solving mock tests, Develop a test-taking strategy. Decide which subject you will attempt first. While taking the tests, students should look at building the right exam temperament, adjusting the body clock, and getting acclimatized with the test environment.

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Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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