NEET 2021 : How to Overcome The Fear of Physics

  • Nov 27,2020

Yes, It is a fact that Physics is the most difficult and twisted subject in NEET 2021. To balance the preparation between Physics and the other subjects is quite tiresome. Statistics prove it is.

But yet Various NEET toppers over the years have done it, and so can you. 

To help you deal with physics, here are some effective tips that provide a fundamental strategy to overcome the fear of physics.

Focus on Understanding the Concept

It is noteworthy that, physics section usually doesn’t have questions that are directly related to concepts. The questions asked are twisted and interlinked from one concept to another. Hence, while choosing NEET physics books, candidates should note that the books must contain all the basic concepts along with an ample amount of numerical problems to back you up with the concept. 

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Study theory and numerical in order

The most common mistake students make while preparing for NEET Physics is that they completely either overlook numerical or the theory. But the key here is that both numerical and theory of a topic are interlinked to each other. And often, the NEET exam has observed questions which were numerical but required a theoretical concept to solve the problem. Here is when this strategy works. Keep practicing both theoretical and numerical methods simultaneously. This helps you have a better understanding of the topic and variations involved within.

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Solve NEET Mock Test

Physics requires solving NEET questions to strengthen your grip on concepts and topics. Solve Online NEET Test Series, This will help you to keep an eye on your weaker topics and common mistakes to avoid while taking the exam. 

Additionally, while solving questions, make a habit of solving the NEET Mock Tests which can help you to increase your speed & accuracy. 

Revision is important

Make a habit of making short notes from the very beginning of your NEET preparation because, during the last days before the exam, it is next to difficult to revise all the chapters from scratch. Revising from the short notes will help you prepare for the final days of the exam. Include revision slots in your time table.

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If prepared well, physics can improve your NEET results. So use the mentioned tips to crack the physics with good scores.

Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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