JEE Main 2021 : Subject-Wise Study Plan

  • Nov 21,2020

As per IIT Delhi Director Prof. Ramgopal Rao, the exam dates for the January session of JEE Main 2021 can be delayed by a month. Earlier, NTA Director-General Vineet Joshi communicated that the exam dates will also be impacted by the reopening of schools and exam schedule for board examinations. But JEE aspirants should be prepared for whatever comes their way. 

Following are some effective tips to crack JEE Main 2021 :

Disciplined Study Schedule

JEE Exam has a vast syllabus & requires a lot of preparation, thus divide your day into small activities, and focus to study every day. You must have a crucial plan that will help you organize and distribute things accordingly.  

But you need to understand that apart from prepping for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, you also have to solve a lot of JEE mock tests and previous year's question papers. 

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Focus On All Subject

Students must concentrate on all three subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. All the students should refer to the previous year's question papers as this will get familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the JEE Main. 

Prepare Short Notes

The habit of preparing notes is beneficial while revising before the exam. The short notes should include important concepts, formulae, and the previous year's important questions. In the last week before the exams, instead of spending time going through the subject topic-wise, one can go through the notes and revise their subjects well.

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JEE Main 2021: Subject-Wise Guide Study Plan


Go through NCERT Physics 11th and 12th because of the incredibly challenging questions it has, and HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics because of its incredible capacity to build someone’s concepts from the ground up. It is necessary that you solve all the types of questions there are in every concept there is. 

- Instead of mugging formulae better to understand derivation and its boundary conditions that are more relevant for JEE.

- Solving numerical of all types will boost your confidence and will give results in Physics.

- Strive to make your Mechanics section very strong because that is the backbone of JEE Physics. Once you are comfortable with it, start doing other topics gradually. It will help to understand Physics in a better way.

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Read NCERT Chemistry for 11th and 12th and RC Mukherjee.

Also, in Chemistry, it’s easy to get confused between similar-looking organic reactions or forget which reagent goes in what reaction, so better make a table. 

- Concentrate on all three parts – organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

- Periodic table and chemical bonding is a must-to-know.

- Understand the complete reaction and its mechanism.

- You must have a deep understanding of the general concepts of chemistry.

- Learn all the key formulas thoroughly.

- Give extra attention to chemical bonding, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and Coordination compounds.

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 For Maths, RD Sharma’s Objective Mathematics is everything that you require. You can also try NCERT. For the more faithful in Dr. Sharma’s genius, carry on. 

- Read theory, memorize all the important formulae and properties, refer to some solved examples, solve some basic level questions, and then go for higher-level questions (Main and Advanced level) of that subtopic. 

Finally, take care of your health. We are amid a pandemic, so follow all the safety norms. Take 6–8 hours of sleep to get active throughout the day. Eat healthy & homemade food. Stay determined. Stay positive.  


Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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