JEE Advanced 2021: Last Month Complete Strategy

  • Sep 18,2020

To help JEE Aspirants, Our team of Experts have come up with a complete last month strategy to prepare for the JEE Advanced 2021.

Be Yourself

Remember everyone is unique and has different strengths & weaknesses. How you plan the last few weeks should depend on your requirements, assessment of yourself and not what your friends are following.

Till now, You must have identified your strengths and weaknesses. Keep your strengths intact and bridge your weaknesses. While improving in your weak areas make sure to not lose hold on your strengths as they are what acts as the differentiating factor on the day of the exam.

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Follow Your Schedule

Make your study time table under the final exam day schedule. Do active study during the JEE exam timing, without any breaks and external disturbances. Giving the mock tests during this time is recommended.

Make a schedule to revise all chapters at least once before the exam. Keep marking completed topics with every passing day and track progress every night. Keep out some buffer time of 3-4 hours on two days in a week to go over your backlog.

At the end of every week, take a step back to analyse your performance & identify what went well and what didn’t. Few parts of your strategy will be working and showing improvement - continue those and the parts which you think didn’t work well, discuss it with your teachers, mentors and iterate.

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Solve Mock Tests

Practicing as many JEE mock tests as possible tend to improve your performance drastically. But more than giving these mock tests, it is important to give them in the right way.

Analyze your performance to identify which all mistakes you did and most importantly why? 

Note down your mistakes for all mock tests. This data will be super helpful in the last 2-3 days before the exam day.

For each day reserve around 60-90 minutes re-reading the topics that you didn't do well in that day’s mock test.

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Take Care of Yourself

We are amid a pandemic so take care of your health too. Eat healthy homemade food. Have a good sleep. Do small exercises & yoga daily. 

Take small breaks. Listen to music, go for a walk, meditate, talk to friends, family etc. These breaks will help in keeping your enthusiasm intact, and increase productivity.

Stay motivated and keep reminding yourself how hard you have studied in the last two years - the last few weeks of effort are worth it!

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