How to Prepare For JEE 2021 in this Pandemic ?

  • Oct 07,2020

Clearing JEE requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in topics/ subjects, and learning smartly and efficiently. With colleges and coaching institutes shut, students are wondering, how they can effectively prepare for JEE 2021 in this pandemic. 

Plan Your Schedule & Stick with It

JEE Exam has a vast syllabus that needs perfect planning.

You should have defined study sessions to ensure you are building your knowledge of the subjects instead of cramming it all at the last minute. Break down your study sessions into 45-60 mins sessions (based on how long you can concentrate) and then take a short break of 5-10 mins to relax your mind. 

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Understand the concepts well and practice problems. 

JEE Exam tests your concept thoroughly. Think of different ways of solving problems. You may find some other alternative approaches to the problem. You have to solve it in the fastest possible time. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems. Teachers in coaching will help you.

Solve JEE Mock Tests

JEE Exam is a computer-based test, thus appear for JEE Mock Tests, and assess yourself regularly. Take a look at each test and analyze if there’s anything you can do to improve your score. The purpose of the periodic tests in coaching is to make you realize your mistakes and not repeat them in the succeeding tests. Don't hesitate to ask your doubts to your teachers. 

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Make your notes

Making notes is one of the best habits of JEE Toppers. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules. 

Revision is a continuous process during regular studies. It must happen daily in some form or another. 

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Take Care of Yourself

We are amid a pandemic, so follow all the safety norms. Take 6–8 hours of sleep to get active throughout the day. Eat healthy & homemade food.

JEE Exam is one of the toughest exams in the country, so there will be a time when you will feel demotivated. Remember, JEE Exam is much like a marathon rather than a sprint, so don't give up. Stay determined. Stay positive. 

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