How to Make the Best Short Notes in IIT-JEE Preparation?

  • Oct 26,2020

Revising the complete JEE Syllabus is impossible without handmade notes, which summarizes all the important topics to save you time as you can revise all important concepts quickly. The habit of making notes saves the hours of the time of going from one book to another since everything is in one place only.

Refer to the following short tips to make the best short notes while preparing for IIT-JEE:

- You will get a better understanding of the topic when you make notes of it since you will be making the notes in your simple language, and then you can understand whether you have understood the topic completely or not.

- Never try to copy directly from the textbook. Read, Understand, and then write down the notes in your own words. 

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- Your discovered tips and tricks while studying a topic can be written down in your self-made notes. Many times teachers say funny examples, quotes, or any other uncommon line while explaining a concept, you may include them in your notes too.

- Try using the ink of different colors while making notes. You may choose colors accordingly (like Important, Very Important, Usually asked, etc.). This would help you in quick revision. For example, the way to do this would be to highlight definitions with a yellow pen, formulae with a red marker, or things to be careful of in red marker.

- Rather than just writing notes, you should also revise them at least once a week. In this way, you’ll remember things in pressure conditions like an exam.

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- Make a notebook containing your mistakes. Whenever you make any mistake in a JEE Mock Test or forget a concept or formula etc. note it down in this notebook. As time passes, you’ll have a collection of mistakes that you aren’t supposed to repeat in exams. 

- Your learning is never complete after the first reading. In the future, you will learn something more about the topic, maybe through online resources or even through discussing it with your friends, thus keep 2-3 pages blank before starting any new chapter. 

- Solving JEE Mock Tests will teach you how to solve it as quickly as possible. You will figure out the approach to a certain type of question.

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Making personal notes always helps you out in JEE preparation. You may not realize its importance now, but you’ll surely realize it in the last month when you would have to revise the entire JEE syllabus in a short duration.

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