How To Prepare For MHT-CET 2021 In 1 Month

  • Aug 17,2020

Last month's preparation for MHT-CET along with a disciplined study routine, revision, and mock tests can build up confidence. Below are some effective last month preparation strategies.

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How To Prepare For MHT-CET 2021 In 1 Month - Study Routine

Stick to your study routine. Don't drastically increase your study hours because it can negatively impact your productivity & will add up your stress. With a constant and well-maintained study schedule, MHT-CET aspirants will be able to reduce stress and have sufficient time for revision.

Dedicate equal time to all the subjects. Focus on clarity of concepts.

Don't read new books. Rather than focus on the books that you have studied so far.

Take small breaks to improve your productivity. If needed take a small nap to relax your brain.

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How To Prepare For MHT-CET 2021 In 1 Month - Revision Mantras To Ace MHT-CET 2021 With Good Marks

MHT-CET Exam is comprised of A total of 150 multiple-choice questions, of which 100 are from Mathematics, 50 from Physics, and 50 from Chemistry. 

To Revise quickly & efficiently, Use your handmade short notes.

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How To Prepare For MHT-CET 2021 In 1 Month Using MHT-CET Mock Tests

MHT-CET is a computer-based exam. Thus, Solve as many MHT-CET Mock Tests as possible to get familiar with the computer-based test format. This can also increase your concentration level and sharpness.

Edumate Plus MHT-CET Mock Test gives you Personalized Performance Reports to analyze your performance. This can help you to find your weak areas & mistakes made. You can also use parameters like accuracy & average time taken per question to improve your exam performance.

These are some important MHT-CET preparation tips, if followed for one month, will help aspirants to score well in the exam. Finally, Take care of your health. Eat Healthy Homemade food & Get adequate 8 hours night sleep. 

All the Best!

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