7 Effective Tips by MHT-CET Toppers Revealed for Better Results in Exam

  • Jun 01,2020

Do you want to be a topper of the MHT-CET exam this year? In this blog post, We are sharing 7 MHT-CET Preparation Tips revealed by Toppers for Better Results. From your learning approach and study material to the way you solve the paper itself, everything goes a long way in helping you crack the Exam.

Here are a few tips to help you get through MHT-CET 2020 with flying colors:

Get Your Basics Right

The best starting point for building basic foundational concepts is reading the reference books which are suggested by your teachers, and use those books like the Bible for your MHT-CET preparations.

Studying reference books give a solid base of conceptual learning.

Taking little steps and following the right strategy can make a huge difference in the result. 

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Focus on Learning rather Memorizing

MHT-CET is becoming more conceptual based year by year which means you can't just top the exam with mugging things up.

Learning demands a curious mind and to question the concepts that we’re learning. When we dive into learning with a curious approach, we are prepared to solve twisted questions.

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Use Technology Wisely

Due to nationwide Covid-19 lock-down, colleges & coaching classes are closed. In this tough time, Technology is a boon to us. Learning becomes faster, easier, and more efficient when traditional learning methods are paired with digital learning solutions. Online Learning is enabling students to attend online classes from their homes.

MHT-CET Mock Tests are enabling students to test their preparation & find their weaknesses which they can further improve.

Solve Exam Smartly

MHT-CET Exam has 150 questions that need to be solved in 180 Mins. Often Students waste the crucial exam time to find the correct solution. 

Many questions can be solved using multiple methods, and MHT-CET questions are often designed in such a way that it would not take too much time.

So if you are solving a question for a long time then it is a red flag because you might be using complex methods rather than a simpler one so just skip that question & attempt that later.

Revision is everything

As the exam is nearing, Revision should be your top most priority. If you have handwritten short notes then those are a great time saver. 

Always remember, it does not matter how much you have learnt in the whole year. Revision will decide your scores.

Learning and remembering concepts is one part of effective preparation for competitive exams, the second part is developing the ability to recall and apply those concepts with speed and accuracy even under pressure. 

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Carefully Utilize Your Time 

Craft your exam strategy now. How well you manage exam stress will eventually decide your future. If a question is demanding your more time then quickly skip & move to the next question. Use elimination methods & logic to remove the incorrect options which can improve your chances to get correct answer.

Solve More Computer Based Tests

MHT-CET is a computer based exam. The more you are familiar with the computer based tests the better it will be for you. If you are not used to stare at computer screen for longer time then this can work against you in the actual exam. 

Solve MHT-CET Computer Based Mock Tests, which can give you a good practice & prepare you for the actual exam. 

Personalized Performance Analysis of MHT-CET Mock Tests can help you to find your accuracy & speed which you can improve. You can also see which are your strong & weak chapters which you can revise more.

Leveraging the above tips from MHT-CET Toppers can help you craft a personalized plan that will surely help you attain the best results.

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