7 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for NEET Exam

  • Nov 18,2019

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is the gateway to admission to undergraduate programs at prestigious medical colleges in the country. 

It is a difficult exam and medical aspirants need proper preparation, hard work, and the right method to crack NEET. Students must ensure to avoid these 7 common mistakes while preparing for NEET.


No study plan for NEET preparation

One of the biggest mistakes aspirants should avoid making is preparing for NEET without a proper study plan.

The students should first start preparing early and plan their study properly to have enough time to cover the entire syllabus.

They should know and understand the latest syllabus and exam pattern and learn to manage and utilize time better.

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Not reading NCERT Books or Reading too many reference books

Some students tend to ignore the NCERT books while preparing for NEET and consult advanced reference books, which is a huge mistake. NCERT textbooks provide the basics and a majority of the questions in NEET are based on the NCERT syllabus.

Aspirants must first focus on the NCERT syllabus before turning to reference books. Also, they should not consult too many reference books which can increase confusion.

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Focusing only on one subject and ignoring others

NEET preparation involves a vast syllabus and many tend to focus on one subject, especially biology, and ignore others. However, they must study all subjects as they are equally important for NEET.

Some students might postpone their preparation for later thinking they have a lot of time. However, procrastination is a student's biggest enemy. 


Mugging up instead of understanding topics

NEET is very challenging and rote-learning of topics will not be much useful. One needs to completely understand the concepts rather than mugging up to crack the exam. 

Many times questions are not straightforwardly asked to test students' conceptual understanding of the topic. This is where students lose their marks. 

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Not Solving Mock tests and not analyzing the performance

Not solving previous year question papers and mock tests is another mistake aspirants must avoid.

Solving the mock test is a great way to manage time better in the exam. It helps to understand the question types & important topics. 

Aspirants should take NEET mock tests like Edumate Plus and analyze their performance regularly, identify weak areas, and work on getting better.


Not Preparing Short Notes

Short notes preparation is extremely useful in the revision process. 

Many students don't make short notes & eventually end up spending more time in revision.  

Aspirants should prepare short notes while studying/learning for quick revision of the topics and concepts they learn.

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Forgetting Negative marking 

NEET Exam has negative marking, where there’s a deduction of 1 mark for every wrong answer. All students appearing for NEET exam cannot ignore negative marking, as it can make a huge difference between a good and average rank.

Many students become careless while attempting questions. Some get overexcited after reading the question paper which may lead to silly mistakes and hence, negative marking. So, try to control emotions while attempting the NEET exam for a better outcome.

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Joining online test series like Edumate Plus can also support your preparation. Mock tests will help you gauge your rank among other aspirants. Edumate Plus has a Leadership Board which encourages healthy competition between you & your peers. Practicing more is the key. The best approach now would be to practice as much as you can. With Edumate Plus NEET Mock Test, you will be able to identify your weak areas. You can then focus on these weak areas and analyze how fast & accurately you can solve questions.

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