How to Start For Preparing For IIT-JEE, NEET, Other Entrance Exams from Class 11?

  • Jul 03,2019

The exam preparation time varies from one individual to another, but the start of class 11th is considered the best time to start preparing for the engineering & medical entrance exams since the syllabus for these entrance exams is almost the same as that of class 11th and 12th.

The students, as well as their parents, need to start from a full-proof plan that will balance the child’s entrance exam preparation, board marks as well as overall wellbeing.

Collect Syllabus for Examination

This is the most significant thing that every entrance exam aspirant should know before starting the exam preparation. Because all the important entrance exams cover the NCERT syllabus. So, you can compare the syllabus with your current course syllabus. You will find many topics to be common with your study syllabus. It would be quite beneficial for you as you don’t need to learn or prepare those common topics separately.

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Read NCERT Books 

It was found that, in all entrance tests, more than 90% of the questions come from NCERT books. Thus, if you read your course books meticulously, you will cover more than half the distance to your destination. Moreover, if you read NCERT books properly and thoroughly, you will get in-depth knowledge about each topic starting from its basics. Most of the pictorial questions you see in the exam are sourced from the NCERT textbook itself.

Solving NCERTs at this stage will enhance students’ confidence and prepare him to take up next-level problems. It will also provide solace that board-level preparation is going well.

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Solve Mock Test Papers and Practice Papers

One of the greatest challenges of any competitive examination is the time limitation. Thus, students must be capable of finishing one question in 1 minute at least. For this, students must learn the time management strategy. Solving more and more practice papers and mock test papers can help you achieve speed and accuracy. But it’s important to solve these papers within a stipulated time limit as is done in the examinations.

Joining online test series like Edumate Plus can also support your preparation. Mock tests will help you gauge your rank among other aspirants. Edumate Plus has a Leadership Board which encourages healthy competition between you & your peers. Practicing more is the key. The best approach now would be to practice as much as you can. With Edumate Plus NEET & JEE Mock Test, you will be able to identify your weak areas. You can then focus on these weak areas and analyze how fast & accurately you can solve questions.

Balance Time Well

Most of the students must have already enrolled in a coaching class or might be looking for one. Students and parents both should remember that going to school and then coaching will take up a lot of time for the student. The student will spend the rest of the time in studies as well as his/her hobbies. In this situation, the child needs the support of the whole family.

A good step is to maintain a house schedule with good habits, like sleeping and waking up at a fixed-time, maintaining boundaries with visitors so that they don’t disturb the child, planning family vacations once in a while to relieve the child of stress, no late-night partying and TV watching, etc. If the whole house maintains a discipline, it becomes easier for the child to maintain discipline in his/her schedule.

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Stay Calm and Stress-Free

One key thing for parents to remember is that the child goes through a challenging time at this stage because of the burden of studies increases suddenly, and teenage is a difficult developmental time. In this case, the child needs a lot of support and encouragement. Parents should try to find opportunities to encourage and praise their kids. They should tell him that in life, success doesn’t come quick and easy, and it is okay to fail a few times before succeeding.

After class 10, suddenly students are posed to the vast syllabus in class 11 along with the extra burden of entrance exam preparations. The situation may go quite hectic. But, let it not hamper your mental status. Do not get anxious or stressed. Plan the things according to your work potential. Stay calm, focused and well planned.

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Stick to Your Timetable

At this stage, the beginning of the school session, the students waste months thinking they will catch up later on. It is important to build a time table from the start which is realistic and provides opportunities for leisure activities also. At the start, the students should try to finish whatever is taught in the class daily. At this stage, it is important to try and finish the NCERTs as they are designed to ease you into the topic.

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Each year, thousands of students passing out of class 12 appear the engineering & medical entrance tests in India, but only a few of them manage to obtain a good rank and secure a seat in their favorite college/institute. One needs a well-planned strategy added up with immense hard work to crack the most difficult exams in India. 

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