How to Start JEE Preparation ?

  • Jun 13,2019

The years of JEE preparation are crucial years of your life. They not only decide your career but also shape you as a person. The amount of effort you put in during the years of JEE preparation will directly affect the head start that you will get in your career.

In this blog post, we will try and answer some questions that will help you in starting your JEE preparation in the best possible way. 

1. Start Early

Typically, students prepare for 2 years – parallel to their 11th and 12th standard. So, you should aim for starting JEE preparation no later than the commencement of your class 11th course.

Due to an increase in competition these days, it has been observed that many students start their preparation as early as in the 8th standard. The trend has particularly been seen among the top 100 JEE rankers. So, if you are aiming for a top JEE rank, you should aim to start your JEE preparation early.

2. Set Clear Goals

JEE preparation isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. You will have to not only run fast but also run for at least 2 years. Therefore, it is important to be very well prepared. Before you start JEE preparation, you should have a very clear goal in my mind.

Remember the following points:

Focus on concepts and ideas rather than formulae.

Do not memorize stuff. Try to understand it properly. Mostly conceptualized questions are asked in the JEE Exam.

Not everything has an explanation at your level. So if you feel that there is something that you haven’t understood deeply, it is fine. You can study it on your own, but it is unlikely that such a thing will show up in your JEE question paper. You should be wise enough to understand what is important and what is not.

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3. Read Theory

Firstly, read the chapter from basic level books. By doing this, you’ll get a superficial idea of the topic. Now, when the topic is taught in your college or coaching center or online tutorial, you can grasp the topic better because you already have the flavor of it.

Read NCERT Books. Many times questions are directly picked from NCERT books. 

4. Prepare Short Notes

While the topic is taught in class (online or offline), make handwritten notes. These self-made notes will be very helpful to you at the time of revision. After class is over, try to recollect all that you learned. You may use the notes that you just made in class while doing so. Finish this exercise only when you are convinced that you understood everything that was taught in the class.

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5. Solve Problems

After you are done with the theory, you’ll have to solve problems to strengthen your command of the topic. You can start by solving basic problems first by board-level books. After you are comfortable solving basic questions of the topic, you may go on to solving more advanced questions. After you have solved the problems from the board level book, you can go on to solving more challenging problems from the JEE level books.

Practice Edumate Plus JEE Test Series which is built as per NTA (National Test Agency) Standards. This can help you to get familiar with the real exam environment. It is just like the Cricket game, where it is important to have your theory right but if you aren’t practicing on Cricket pitch then on actual match day it may knock you out. It’s not easy to continuously stare at the Computer screen for 3 hours if you aren’t used to it. With Edumate Plus, you can give a mock test to prepare you better for the actual exam day.

6. Health is Wealth

Don't compromise your sleep hours during your JEE preparation. Sleep is as important for your body and brain as studying is. Adequate sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. If you get adequate sleep at night, you will feel fresh throughout the next day, which means that you can study more and retain more.

You have been given many tips above regarding how to start your JEE preparation. We hope that your preparation turns out to be successful and you get admission to your dream college!

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