How do NEET Toppers Study?

  • Dec 12,2018

We all are followers of others!!! We always need a role model or a perfect figure to follow.

If you are NEET Aspirant, then you must have 1 question in your mind about how do the NEET toppers study? What is their study timetable? How they schedule their time? How they utilize their time?

So after performing a survey on toppers, we are ready to share with you these practices & strategies which are mostly used by the NEET toppers.

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Follow Below strategies to utilize your time while preparing for NEET:

1. Divide & Learn: The first step I will suggest to do you is, you need to classify your subjects & topics accordingly to its difficulty level & learn the important concepts. Focus on those topics which are most important from the exam point of view. Try to remember the theories with the help of figures. As the human brain is capable of store pictures more quickly than a text this technique will help you to remember the theoretical concepts.

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2. Ask Questions to yourself: While you are studying, try to ask questions to yourself. Self-questioning will help you when twisted questions asked in exams. Moreover, when we ask something to own self we are most curious about that topic & this curiosity will give you a way to get a good score.

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3. Solve Test Series & NEET Mock Test: When you have done with the theoretical study for a particular topic, attempt a subject-wise mock test or test series. This habit will give you a huge advantage because a quick practice helps our brain to store the information permanently.

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4. Group Study: I know these didn’t work most of the time: P. But if you have a group of 2 or 3 friends then you can use this technique.

 If your group is of 4 peoples then divide 4 subjects amongst all of you.

 All you need to do to is, study individually on that particular subject which is assigned to you. You can take the help of NCERT textbooks & your teachers. Then, choose one particular day in a week & ask questions (doubts) to your friends about their assigned subject. They can also ask you doubts about the subject you have.

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So when I was preparing for NEET, I used to follow these 4 main strategies which gave me the best results.

I hope you like this.

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