• Jul 30,2018

Edumateplus is a Strategy guide to prepare for NEET. How do you beat the competition and get into one of the top medical colleges in the country? We strongly believe that your NEET preparations can be done in a structured, planned and consistent manner to improve your score. But how? You need to understand that there is a difference between preparation and performance.

Preparation basically covers everything you undertake to groom yourself for the exam – you attend your classes, practice questions, scribble diagrams, work roughly around getting an equation correct, taking regular NEET mock test, etc.

Performance on the other hand, refers to the specific actions you take to ensure that on the exam day, in the exam hall, you capitalize on the preparations you have done throughout the year. The only easy way to do it is through revisions and taking NEET mock test. We have an App which will cover both of these 2 aspects: Preparation + Performance= Edumateplus

Edumateplus is an online application which will help the students to beat highest score in the NEET examination. It consists of different types of modules which consist of test series. This test series contains most frequently asked questions so students can prepare well for the examination & will get more chances to secure the highest score. This app also consists of chat box which will help students if they stuck in any question. So hurry up!!! Start your study in fantastic & digital way. Signup here: www.edumateplus.com

Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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