How to Score 180+ Marks in MHT-CET

  • Feb 11,2020

Want to Scoring 180+ marks in MHT-CET? First of all, let me clarify that it is not as easy as it seems but it is not impossible as well. You can achieve your desired goal by following the successful habits of topper students. 

Carefully Select Study Material 

Rather than reading all books, Stick with the reference books which are suggested by your teachers. Prepare short notes as you read, this will help you while revising. 

Enroll in MHT-CET Mock Tests

Last Year, the MHT-CET Exam was conducted in Online Mode for the first time thus many students found online mode bit uneasy. Enrolling in MHT-CET Mock Test is very beneficial as it helps students to get familiar with the Exam Environment. 

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Manage Time Wisely

Students need to effectively utilize their time before & on the exam day to score 180+ marks in MHT-CET Exam. As mentioned earlier, students should carefully select reference books, make short notes to save revision time later on.  

On the exam day as well, Students require not to waste much time on time-consuming & difficult questions. 

Avoid Distractions

MHT-CET Exam is a very crucial step that will decide the course & college that student is going to peruse thus it is important to stay away from Social Media & Smartphone games which can distract & consume your valuable time. 

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Work Hard but Study Smart

Working hard doesn't always give you the desired results until your approach is well planned. Read the exam pattern & understand the weightage given to each chapter. Focus more on chapters with higher weightage. Keep solving MHT-CET Mock Test to increase your accuracy & speed. Keep the track of your mistakes, weak topics & work on them. 

Take Care of Your Health & Sleep

Keep a positive attitude. Most importantly take care of your health. Eat healthy food & Take adequate sleep. 

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