How to Prepare NEET Exam along with Class 12 Board Exams

  • Jan 24,2020

The NEET 2020 will be held on May 3, 2020. Medical aspirants need to look out for board exams, which are to be held from February to April.

 If you are worried about how to prepare for NEET along with the Boards, Here are some useful steps to balance NEET and board exam preparation:

1. Focus on NCERT books for board exams and NEET

NCERT books are the holy grail not only for board exams but entrance test preparations as well, especially for NEET. 

Now, for the entrance exam and boards, students should go through the NCERT syllabus completely, they should solve the previous year’s papers of NEET, sample papers and take NEET Mock Tests.

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2. Concentrate on the syllabus and important topics

For the board exam, you should on the previous year’s exam analysis, to find out the question types & important topics. Textbook reading is the best way to get concepts crystal clear.

Carefully read & stick to the NEET syllabus. Avoid reading too many books as it may lead to confusion. 

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3. Get Familiar with the Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for Class 12 board exams is different than NEET.

NEET has MCQ type questions & board exams have both objective and subjective type questions. There are stepwise markings in the board exams, whereas, in NEET, students opt for the correct answer from available options, thus students need to solve NEET Mock Tests to get familiar with the question types & work on increasing accuracy & speed. 

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As the board exam is a month away now you should focus on revision & writing mock board exams for understanding the syllabus and solving problems. Take adequate sleep & eat healthy food. Keep a positive attitude towards the exam. 

All the best !

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